what i do…

what i do…

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Age: 15

Height: 5’8”

Highest Weight: 165 Current Weight: 159 Goal Weight: 115

Favorite Diet Food : Lettuce

Favorite Binge Food: Ice Cream

Favorite exercise: Anything with abs

Does anyone know?: yes :(

What makes you slip up: People making me eat

What makes you strong: thinspo and my calorie book

When did it start: 2 years ago

What do you see when you look in the mirrors: Fat, ugly, huge thighs, man arms, food baby

Is it for attention: No.

Are you the fat or the thin one in your group of friends: Fat

Are you depressed: clinically

Ever tried to commit suicide: sort of

Ever cut yourself: No

Ever been to a psychologist: Yes

Lost weight: Yes

Gained weight: yes… :(

Do you drink:  no

Do you smoke: No.

Do you take drugs: No.

Does your weight affect your mood: Yes. all the time

Do you weigh yourself daily: Yes

Have you ever fasted: Yes

Have you ever skipped a meal:  Everyday

Have you ever spit food out: Yes, everything

I am—

[x] Anorexic 
[x] Bulimic 
[] living off diet pills 
[X] hungry 
[] drinking something 
[x] eating something 
[] under 100 lbs 
[x] starving myself 
[ ] vegan 
[x] vegetarian


[x] ask if i’m anorexic/bulimic 
[x] call me fat 
[] say i’m skinny 
[x] say i’m ugly 
[x] talk about me behind my back 
[x] force me to eat 
[] say i eat too much 
[] wish I’d eat more 
[x] don’t know i’m anorexic/bulimic 
[x] have tried to stop me

I wish…

[x] I was thin 
[x] i had a better body 
[x] i didn’t have to eat 
[x] i could control myself 
[x] i could avoid food 
[x] i could hide what i am 
[x] i was prettier 
[x] i could disappear

I love

[] being hungry 
[x] seeing a difference 
[] shaking 
[] being weak 
[x] losing weight 
[x] being anorexic/bulimic 
[x] green tea 
[x] diet pills 
[x] being able to turn down food 
[x] feeling good about myself


[] I’m shorter than 5’4 
[x] think i’m ugly 
[] have self made scars 
[] have a tattoo 
[(Contacts. I broke my glasses. whoops)] wear glasses 
[] been told i’m pretty by a stranger 
[] have more than 2 piercings 
[] have piercings besides my ears 
[x] have freckles 
[B] Cup size: A B C D
[ ] am petite

I hate…

[x] when people stare 
[x] being asked questions 
[X] having to eat 
[x] being single
[x] wearing short skirts 
[X] being fat 
[X] looking ugly 
[X] feeling this way
[ ] fat people

I need…

[x] people to stay out of my business 
[x] more friends
[] someone to know 
[x] less food 
[x] more water 
[x] gym membership 
[x] to lose 30 lbs 
[x] to lose 20 lbs (25 then ill be arround my UGW)
[x] to lose 10 lbs 
[x] to lose 5 lbs

i refuse to eat, if I die starving myself at least i wont be fat!

i refuse to eat, if I die starving myself at least i wont be fat!